Summer is officially here. (Well at least in the islands it is) - But
despite the crazy heat, it's like Christmas morning here at the shop. Steady
flow of goodies coming in now. This morning we received a big package from
Crooks & Castles, four different colorways. The hats are the "O.G." Chain C
fitteds from last year, but the colors flipped on these are crackin. They
include grey/purple, green/purple, black/yellow and purple/black; with the
paisley bandana print on the underbill & their "castle" logo on the back.
Call the shop for all phone orders (808.942.3100), or if you're in the area,
come through the shop & pick one up and set it atop your scalding dome. &
bask in the summer heat, while Paris Hilton basks in prison.