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A tribute to a great era and piece of culture: We flipped the iconic Yo! MTV Raps and gave it our own twist: Ho! Buuu! Before the arrival of such lame rip offs as Direct Effect and Sucker Free (the latter which is hardly sucker free, period), there was the O.G. Yo! MTV Raps; the one hosted by Ed Lover, Doctor Dré and Fab 5 Freddy, not Angie Martinez and Fatman Scoop (but respect to them). Truly an esteemed piece of Hip-Hop culture; the tee is printed on black and showcases the flipped logo in white and red. The Mua that's releasing alongside is fabricated from scotchgard material which is waterproof and grease and stain free material, add to that in a great green colorway. These will be made available for sale online this Monday. Enjoy this nostalgic clip of the finale episode of Yo! MTV Raps with a dope cipher featuring Redman, Method Man, Special Ed, Large Pro (Extra P) and Craig Mack's ugly-face-rap-attack.