Releasing exclusively in-store and online this Saturday, October 21 at 11am HST.


18-Year Manifesto

Pua hala, the pandanus flower, creates a stunning visual when it is strung into a lei. Optically, the volume and scale change when each pua seats in the next, creating a rigid angular lei design. The art, however, is in the cutting of each pua. As shared, when given as lei, the significance is acknowledging the passing of one thing and the starting of a new one. We add to this by placing significance on the stringing of pua, this creates the idea without end! 

Simple correlation aside, as we transition closer to our second decade of business, our mindset has always been about the opportunity we have every day to do the type of work we do.

‘A‘ohe hala ‘ula i ka pō, No hala fruit shows its color in the darkness of night. Beauty must be seen to be enjoyed! Inspired and guided by Kūpuna, this ‘Ōlelo No‘eau perfectly binds us to this concept. We feel this: show up for each other and do the work. Everything is everything if done with dignity, respect, and reverence! 

Please join us as we celebrate our 18th circle, the closing of the last and entering the new! With love, Aloha and reverence for all of you who continue to support our work, allowing us to continue stringing our Lei! Forward!

Mahalo mahalo mahalo from all of us at FITTED!


"The Crown Lies Heavy," a phrase inspired by Shakespeare's iconic quote, "Heavy is the head that wears the crown" or "Heavy lies the crown," takes on a beautifully open-ended structure reminiscent of "Serving Aloha Without End." Yet, its purpose goes beyond a mere linguistic reflection. It's designed to leave you contemplating: who exactly wears the crown? The answer is straightforward: we all do. Both our team and our dear community proudly bear this symbolic crown. We embrace a self-imposed commitment to excellence, quality, and storytelling that authentically represents the essence of the islands.

Our customers, quite literally, wear the crown—whether it's a FITTED cap or, in this unique collection, the regal crown shapes inspired by the pua hala. Receiving a Lei Hala is a mark of honor, a testament to the craftsmanship and significance of each piece. The garments in this collection aren't just clothing; they are tokens of accomplishments, crafted with love and respect, bestowing honor and gratitude upon every wearer.

The two showcased caps are a Kamehameha 59FIFTY in a clean black and white colorway, with a Scholar side patch to highlight the prestigious history of FITTED. The H Pride 9FIFTY snapback also takes on a black and white color-blocking, with a Worldwide side patch also helping to shine a light on our storied history. The pua hala treatment is strung throughout the different tee designs and brings them all together. Releasing in this capsule is the white 18 Year long-sleeve tee, dark green 18 Year Lei tee, red 18 Year Heraldry tee, and black 18 Year Lei tank top.