2nd Release..

What happens when Hawaiian culture meets the streets?
You get a sophisticated masterpiece such as these
dominating flagship domepieces, indigenous to the
gritty fifty islands. The first time around, these ill
crafted fitteds literally flew off our shelves in less
than a day, which is a pretty big feat to accomplish
on an island as small as Oahu. You can bet there will
be a long line for these.

PRIDE: We are re-releasing two styles out of
the pack, the first is the "Pride" hat. The colors on
this one are a throwback to the old UH baseball days
when Cabbab & Tatsuno ruled the green astro-turf at
Rainbow Stadium. Laced with green on orange & a white
stroke, plus a satin lining with ancient Hawaiian
warrior tools printed on the inside, this is an easy
pick for y'all to cop & get ya stunt on. Early!!

WARRIOR: The second out of the pack features
impeccable gold stitching on black, as well as a red
version. This one is a dedication to the "Late, Great
King Kamehameha". This distinguished past leader of
ours unified the Hawaiian Islands in 1810, & kept the
indepedence of the islands intact. Hawaiians are hands
on people, everything used by our people came by way
of their hands. Intricate weapons hand carved and
laced with shark's teeth, bludgeoning weapons, and
Every day tools. These
instruments of war represent the life cycle as well as
the fight to survive!!! This release also includes the
warrior tools printed on sating lining in metallic gold.

We are releasing these hats on Sunday Jan,21st at 11am. Please Note that we only have 72 in each color so if you missed the first drop this is your last chance. Phone orders after 2pm Hawaii time!!

Mahalo for your continued support!