Releasing Saturday, Oct. 8th

Aloha kakou!
Along with our Primo pack dropping tomorrow, we also have a new pack dropping on Saturday. Dubbed All Roads Point To Hawai'i, the concept behind this is that we and a lot of the rest of the world look at Hawai'i as the center stage of the world. From a government / military perspective, it's one of the most strategic places to set up military and naval bases (despite our objections). It's a great place for import and export of commerce and if you ever plan on flying from the US mainland to anywhere across the Pacific, chances are you will end up stopping by Hawai'i anyway. Even in recent years, Hawaiian culture has infiltrated mainstream America in fashion, music and TV / movies. Ola has a saying... "There are some who have never been to Hawai'i and it's a goal of theirs to come; they've been to Hawai'i and want to come back; or you live in Hawai'i and never want to leave." Which is why, at some point or another, all roads truly point to Hawai'i. Along with the t-shirt is a black and Tiffany Kamehameha with white stitching on the brim.