Releasing exclusively in-store and online this Saturday, November 19 at 11am HST.
Photo: @jasonjko
Model: @salvacio90

Aloha kākou!
This Saturday, we continue our seasonal delivery with the next release from our A/W Tradewinds Collection. Our natural tradewinds are unique and special to our islands, evoking a welcoming and affectionate reaction when they breeze through. Frequently described as a “natural air conditioner,” we not only look forward to the trades for the cool climate it brings, but also as a signal of calm and pleasant weather for outdoor activities such as surfing, fishing, or boating, which all heavily depend on great weather conditions.
For visual inspiration, we look to the old Hawaiian olelo noʻeau (proverb): “Ke kupu, o ka ʻaina ua malie, ua au koaʻe,” which translates to “The natives of the land declare that the weather is calm when the tropic bird travels afar.” The koaʻe (tropic bird) thus became symbolic as a sign of great weather when soaring far out at sea. Throughout the collection, there are numerous references to the koaʻe, along with nautical elements and climate map imagery, to help strengthen the overall aesthetic vision.
Two new patterns were created based on a climate map of the Pacific Ocean—TRDWND_EARTHBLUE and TRDWND_BLACKNIGHT—showing the wind direction as it flows during the hoʻoilo (wet) season in Hawaiʻi. We’ve also put extensive focus and care into our cut & sew program, introducing new pieces throughout the collection that are geared toward highly technical construction through our new TropTech tier, as well as premium lifestyle construction through our new OutFitted tier. And as usual, all items from this A/W Tradewinds Collection are limited in size and quantity and will not be reproduced.
Tradewinds Mua 59FIFTY
Featuring a navy blue crown with our new TRDWND_EARTHBLUE pattern covering the visor. The front Mua logo is stitched in red, orange, turquoise, blue, and white to match the colors seen on the visor, with the side logos stitched in red and the back crest stitched in red and orange.