Releasing Saturday, Dec. 18th

Aloha kakou!
We hope everyone is enjoying the start of the holiday seasons and not stressing too much! We're very proud to announce our new line of accessories, just in time for Christmas. This Saturday, we'll be unveiling our beach / outdoor accessories pack, and the line up of things we have is pretty insane! First up, we have custom golf balls in collaboration with Callaway Gold Co. There are two styles here: one ball has our Aloha Served Daily logo printed in black and gold while the other version has our trilocks in black and white. Perfect gift for Pops. Next, we have a custom umbrella for those special outings at the beach / barbecue. The umbrella, in our traditional yellow pantone, features eight panels, each with a different logo from some of our best sellers: ASD, Aloha, Kamehameha head, Mua, Pride, FITTED crest, trilocks, and Fasi shaka and also features a nice wooden handle. Also on deck, a pair of slippers (or chancletas, whatever you choose to call 'em) and a multi-colored ASD keychain. Add to that an official FITTED beach towel with Aloha Served Daily emblazoned in black. Last but not least, we're taking it back to the grill. A portable, custom FITTED grill. By portable, we mean that it comes in a nice black satchel with FITTED printed in yellow and our trilocks. The actual grill is foldable, so when you're done using it for the day, simply clean it up, take the grill piece off, fold it up, slip it in the custom bag and you're all good to go!