Releasing tomorrow, Tuesday, December 15th.
Tomorrow's pack is something new and different, as we're always trying to think of even more creative ways to flip hats. The ballistic pack features a crewneck sweater, a t-shirt and a new Aloha snapback. This snapback's upper is dipped in dark green ballistic nylon which was used for flak jackets to protect soldiers from shrapnel during WWII, along with many other applications. (It's successor is now what is known as kevlar. So in a sense, these snapbacks are bulletproof, but we don't advise you to test this theory) The upper also features metal eyelets, with purple Aloha stitching. The t-shirt, called Tri-lateral, printed on black it features a trilock pattern made of dark green, purple and tan trilocks which wrap around the shirt. Lastly is a new crewneck sweater (called Never Run; as in "These Colors Will NEVER Run") which features the Hawaiian flag in the same colors seen throughout the hat and t-shirt.