Releasing Thursday midnight

Click photo above for larger size of background image.

Aloha kakou!
Along with our Black Friday Sale, we have a special release lined up for the masses. It's also an ode to our sometimes forgotten servicemen who are sacrificing their lives across the pond (shout out to KNOWxONE!) with strong military references prominently featured in these pieces. A lot of the pack's influence comes from the United States Army 24th Infantry Division which formed during WWII and stationed out of Hawai'i. Known previously as the Hawaiian Division. Their insignia was a red, gold and green patch with Hawaiian on the top and a taro leaf in the middle. If you remember about a year back, we ran a similar pack with a similarly interesting story to boot, and if you find that interesting, you should definitely read up on some of these other links; we all know how strong a military presence we have here in the islands. Also, here is a link to a larger sized image of the background we've used for the product photos.
The release: An all black zip-up hoody called Striker with tonal graphics on the front and back as well as on the hood itself. The second cap from the top is an all black cap called Subcon, the cap that follows is also all black, dubbed Kumulipo (roughly translated to original or the genesis), the white tee below the two caps is called Out of Many We Are One, and lastly is a gray longsleeve tee with Kill 'Em With Aloha and yellow taro patches on the left side. To close it off, we also have a special, limited edition Black Friday sticker pack. We hope to see you all this Thursday / Friday, come through and grab some Thanksgiving pupus, drinks and politic with your FITTED ohana.