Releasing tomorrow, August 1st.
Tomorrow is the release of our second collaboration with Defend Hawaii and are guaranteed to go quick! The shirt will be sold at both FITTED and Sindication just like the last time. Printed on black, the front features a graphic of a leiomano which was used during times of war to cut into human flesh, the other weapon pictured is called a knuckle duster, more than likely used for close-rangem hand-to-hand combat. Both weapons were covered with teeth of the niuhi (tiger shark). These were used during lua (hand-to-hand combat). Defend Hawaii rests in the center in big red bold letters with the slogan By Any Means Necessary at the bottom. Left sleeve features an ASD hit, right has a Defend Hawaii hit. The back features Aloha Served Daily in big red bold letters, 1438 hit at the bottom. Limited in numbers, act fast!