Releasing tomorrow, Sept. 8th.
Hope you all had a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend. We're back again with another graphic driven tee that reaches into Hawaiian history, and for the most part, has a place in politics as well. Sugar cane, introduced to our islands reportedly in 600 AD by Hawai'i's first occupiers, was once a dominating, leading industry - turned into a bustling booming business by entrepreneurs Samuel Alexander and Henry Baldwin (Alex & Baldwin). Eventually, other sugar-production corporations manifested themselves, including Theo H. Davies & Co., Amfac, Castle & Cooke and C. Brewer & Co., which ultimately shaped itself into a commanding conglomerate known as The Big Five. The political issues arise from the prominence of a rising economic powerhouse located in the middle of the Pacific, in due course leading to more business and political opportunities that some believe led to the overthrow of our monarchial government. If you sit down, reflect and really look at the situation, there is some truth to it - without the rapid introduction to such controlling industries, there would have never been the need to bring in outsiders to police and regulate said industries; everything else follows in succession. It really is a bittersweet (pun intended) situation. On one hand, without the sugarcane industry would equal to less cash flow for our state; considering the specific climates needed to grow sugarcane, only certain regions are able to sustain the environment needed for growth and cultivation. On the other hand, no sugarcane industry might have very well thrown a monkey wrench into the gloomy situation of having our state illegally overthrown, and who knows where that would have landed us today.

The tee, printed on black, features a thick graphic in red that shouts "Cane Fire!" with black cracks in the lettering. Crown hit with the same cracked pattern on the backside. Also included in this pack is a custom St. Louis Cardinals hat with dark green covering all panels, black brim, red button and underbill.