Releasing tomorrow, July 13th

Aloha kakou!
The graphic on tomorrow's tee is pretty upfront and straight forward. As boys, we've all been through these stages, spending the day at Waimea's lounging and checking out all the cute birds laying around, absorbing the Sun from afar. You'd hit your friend in the arm to get his attention and motion with your head to the banging chick from Waialua. But he didn't pay attention (as kids, we had short attention spans). So you backhand your friends arm again, and he finally acknowledges you and the bird you're pointing to. The both of you then try to get that girl's attention, whether it's yelling or whistling or yelling the infamous "Cheeeee-huuuu!" She turns around to look and the both of you put on a front like you don't know where the "Cheeeee-huuuu!" came from. We've all done, it's a natural instinct instilled in us at a young age; it's a part of growing up.