A few days ago we asked you, the reader, what your personal definition of Homegrown is. Here's what one of our reader's defined it as, in their own words:

"Homegrown....born to live, breath and revel in the gift of being fortunate
enough to be apart of this wonderful island chain called Hawaii. This is
single handedly, the most beautiful and magical place to grow up in. Where
sunsets are 4 different colors, and sunrises are too beautiful to put into
words. Surrounded by the sanctity of the ocean, the beach is a place of
refuge to every soul that chooses to inhabit these life changing spaces of
earth named Hawaii. Our Wahine are the most beautiful and diverse creatures
in the world, and yet our Kane do not stray far from that same definition.
For we are all beautiful, we are all magical. We hold in our hands, the
gift of the past. The true Aloha spirit that resides deep within every one
of our hearts. It is to love and to nourish every living thing that breathes
life into these islands. Like our ancestors who welcomed all walks of life,
harmful or helpful, black or white, friendly or foe, they loved without
fear and embraced living life to the fullest. They cherished and loved the
lands which we call home. They welcomed and embraced all walks of life. They
never ever took for granted, what Aloha means, what being Hawaiian truly
means. And they lived and breathed that Aloha spirit that has been lost and
forgotten throughout our time. So to me, Homegrown means to remember where
our Home has grown from, to remember the past and all of our ancestors that
have paved the way for us and to remember the love and Aloha they shared
with any and all walks of life. To embrace these most beautiful and magical
islands, and to treat our beautiful Hawaii with love and respect. Just as
those that have come before us have done, we too shall build a bright future
using the foundations of our past. We shall look foward to growing a better
Hawaii by remembering the values and teachings of our elders, and embracing
the love and Aloha they had for everything and everyone.  For with out our
past we are nothing...nothing to build upon, nothing to grow a new home
with. But we are without a doubt, Homegrown Hawaiians. We are beautiful,
loving, smart, intelligent, creative, friendly, welcoming, strong,
resourceful, talented, and very spiritual human beings. And it is with the
foundations of the  past that we will build a future that is unlike anything
the world has ever seen. For our roots are and always have been deeply
planted in the soil of these wonderful islands, truly making each and every
one of us, without the slightest doubt, humbly and respectivly "Homegrown."