Diamonds and Shades...

What’s really good folks? A few new additions have been added to our current
inventory of
ill product. First up, we brought in some sunglasses from Sabre Vision. They
best describe
their product as “a definitive raw social reaction to the saturated
corporate surroundings. Our
psychedelic anarchists are re-creating a new original balance of creativity,
community and lifestyle.”
The craftmanship that goes into the frames are immaculate, and pulls
inspiration from all aspects of
urban subcultures - from snowboarding, surfing to street fashion. We picked
up 3 different styles:
The Sunday which comes in black with white trimming, The Cure in an all
white frame with black trim-
ming and all black with white trimming, and lastly The Television that
features a big frame that resembles
and comes in all white, as well as all black.

I know a lot of y’all know that we’ve been sitting on the Estate LA X
Diamond denim teal caps.
Well, we finally have an official release date, this Saturday (7/21) @ 11
AM. Only 100 of these
hats were made, and have 20 of them available for purchase (HUF & DIAMOND WILL RELEASE THE REST AT A LATER DATE). The hat features all black
denim, with Diamond’s
logo in teal (think: Diamond Tiffany Nike SBs) in raised embroidery on the
front, and Diamond’s
script logo in a tonal print on the back right-side. This will be a Hawaii
ONLY release, with a first-
come, first-serve deal. Get here EARLY to get yours.