We are a small company run by 2 people and I can tell you that its not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Just to get in the door and create room in the market to survive is extremely challenging. The most important thing is to have quality goods that make sense. So I applaud anyone trying to do something different to fill a void. We are proud to present a start up brand Estate L.A.
EstateL.A is a subdivision of the ELM company that's primary focus is in the snow market.
They make hats, beanies, fedora and others. Estate is a company that's focus is more on street culture. These hats are made of high quality fabrics, detailed work and made in very small numbers.
The first hat is a Perforated Suede with an ill Belgian Linen for Lining. The second is a high quality Black Denim with the same Lining. These are made in lots of 25 so they are extremely limited. If you seen the Leroy Jenkins hat this is the same company that made Those. They got some interesting new Product coming soon!! keep an eye out.