Sup yall, Here is some designs that we dropped for Spring 2006. These designs flew fast but we still have some sizes left.

FIST CITY: if you been to Hawaii, or ever wanted to come here there's one thing you need to understand! Locals don't mess around. We are some of the Kindest people on the planet but catch us on a bad day and you might go home with a lump or two. Its very rare that you hear about some one getting stabbed or shot for some bullshit. But you do hear on the Dailey about people getting layed out! Hawaii per capita has the most MMA support in America, everybody trains. So be respectful when coming here (don't be scared cause Hawaii is all love)!

ROY: This was a statement for the world! We got a lot of naysayers when we decided to open a cap Boutique. Because it wasn't tested it could have been viewed as a huge risk. We didn't give a shit! We felt good about this so we put together something that we are proud of. We are coming up on a year in OCT, so we aren't quite Rookies of the year in this culture but we definitely put a dent into peoples thoughts..

S.O.T.F. : Survival Of the Fitted! Self explanatory... Were still here standing!!!


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