Just this past Saturday, Hickam AFB hosted their first skate competition between the top 4 shops on the island. APB, us (Fitted Hawaii), NSB & 84 Skate all participated in the event. There were 4 different categories: longest run, highest ollie, best handrail trick and best team skate. Overall the turnout was great & lots of fun was had. Shout out to the boys that held down Team Fitted: Applenuts, Jack Curtin, Chris Kays & Tim Jackson. Jack Curtin killed it on the switch ollie over 8 decks, and Applenuts killed it on his BS 180 Nose-grind. Overall we came in 2nd place (5 points, Shouts to the boys at APB) - and although we believe we got jerked on that, we're pretty content with 2nd. Next year, 1st place is definitely ours!!