Releasing exclusively in-store and online this Saturday, March 9 at 11am HST.

Aloha kākou!

Whether strolling through the bustling streets in downtown to kicking it at the beach park, a unique and nostalgic charm can be found near by. Sometimes overlooked, a true relic of the past is present. We're talking about a tool that brings communication and connection throughout the islands — Hawaii's recognizable pay phones. Although users have diminished vastly over the years with majority using cellphones, the blend of today's aesthetics have turned these pay phones into timestamp public artworks (with "artists" adding more "artwork" as well). Through our FITSTRIKE program we will release our long-sleeve tee dubbed "Drop A Dime." The royal blue long-sleeve tee is adorned with its iconic pink orchid flowers on the sleeves and with our standard WTCF pocket hit in the front and with our crown in the back. In addition to our long-sleeve tee will be a Kālai 59FIFTY and 9FIFTY combo. Caps are featured in a vegas gold base and matched with a toasted peanut visor and button. For our embroideries starting with the front we include blue moon threads with a white outline, New Era flag in irish coffee on the side, for our back crest blue moon and irish coffee, and lastly white eyelets sprinkled in the mix. Our 9FIFTY is capped off with a white snap closure called out.