Releasing in-store and online this Saturday, January 24th. blog blog image Aloha kākou! Remembering family gatherings that included beer, pupus, kids running around, and enough laughter to make your Opu sore is what this vibe is based on. Kanikapila jam sessions, games of pepito mixed with chase master and hide and seek is what it was all about! Music is such a huge part of our lives and our culture, deeply engrained in much of what we do and how we carry ourselves. From traditional hula to backyard jams with friends—music can tell a story, convey a mood, and bring friends and family together.   Kanikapila Bucket Known as the Hawaiian version of plaid, the palaka (gingham) pattern was made popular during the old plantation days, because of its nature of being durable, yet cheap and plentiful. It was seen everywhere, from kids to adults, and was used for everything—play, school, going out, kanikapila, you name it. We decided to put our own FITTED twist on this local staple pattern by swapping out the solid and semi-opaque stripes with mini trilocks. From afar it looks just like the traditional palaka pattern, but when viewed up close, you see the intricate trilock pattern within, creating a subtle micro/macro design. The Kanikapila bucket features the trilock palaka printed in white across the navy outer shell. The underbrim features an enlarged checkered trilock pattern in navy and white. front front bottom detail detail   Kanikapila ʻAina Snapback A new ‘Aina snapback featuring colors that would’ve fit perfectly in that time period. Featuring an oatmeal heather crown with navy visor and front and back embroidery. The eyelets and side New Era logo feature white stitching that match up with the white back snap enclosure. A classic green undervisor brings the look together. Only 50 pieces were produced. front back left right bottom   Kanikapila Tee – Black A black tee featuring a large bold-lettered “KANIKAPILA” with a classic shot of some of our renown hometown musicians in a backyard jam sesh, giving off that old Hawaii feel-good vibe. Printed in black and white, with a small white crown on the upper back. front back   Triz Tee – White or Red Featuring a large front print of arguably the most recognized musician out of Hawaii, our very own Bruddah Iz. He introduced the world to the Hawaiian sound with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World” and his songs are a mainstay in any quick kanikapila session. The design printed in grayscale using trilocks as the pixel base, creating the same type of micro/macro imagery as the Kanikapila bucket. The image is outlined in yellow, with a small black crown on the back. front back front back