Releasing in-store, online, and at the ʻIolani Palace shop this Saturday, November 27 at 11am HST. Please abide by the new safety guidelines while shopping in-store. SBS Aloha kākou! FITTED FOR THE FILM HAE HAWAIʻI AND ʻIOLANI PALACE PROCEEDS FROM THIS COLLECTION WILL GO TO SUPPORT THE ONGOING INITIATIVES AT THE ʻIOLANI PALACE AND THE FRIENDS OF ʻIOLANI PALACE. A capsule collection, celebrating Lā Kūʻokoʻa day, along with the film “Hae Hawaiʻi" and ʻIolani Palace. Hae Hawaiʻi, or as we like to refer our definition, “Slaps Wind.” Inspiring the love for our Islands, our people and the never-ending connection to our past. Releasing are a bucket hat, snapback, bandana, pin, two tees, and a hoodie. Inspired by the handmade quilts of the latter part of the nineteenth century that displayed the Hawaiian Flag. Part regalia, part hidden resistance, our kupes always provide! Hundreds of kanaka wore hatbands designed with the words "Kuʻu Hae Hawaiʻi" after the overthrow of Liliʻuokalani. This particular reference displays its cantons upside down as a sign of distress; found at the bishop museum archives, it was said to be a gift from Queen Liliʻuokalani to a newlywed couple. A powerful form of identity then and now we fly our hae High, for Hawaiian independence. E welo mau Kuʻu Hae Hawaiʻi - May our Beloved Flag Forever Wave!! Slaps wind forever, forever ever! Hae Hawaiʻi film director Ty Sanga says I Ka Wā Ma Mua, Ka Wā Ma Hope. Film is a powerful medium that helps us understand our past and imagine our future. Hawaiʻi’s rich and complex story is often overlooked for its exotic beaches and ice-cold mai tais. This historical re-imagining was inspired by pivotal moments in Hawaiʻi’s history to help ignite one’s journey to seek the truth. The year 2018 marked 125 years since the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy. In a coup with the help of U.S. forces, power-hungry men succeeded in removing Hawaiʻi's last Queen. This film is a reminder of the many patriots who fought for justice during those final days. Watch the film: / Visit the ʻIolani Palace: FRONT BACK LEFT RIGHT BOTTOM BUCKET 1 BUCKET 2 FRONT BACK FRONT BACK FRONT BACK BANDANA PIN PIN SAMPLE