Releasing exclusively online this Saturday, April 25 at 11am HST.
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Aloha kākou!
HOWZIT?! It’s hard to express how stoked we are to present this collaboration with BessPress on the 40th anniversary of their extremely popular Peppo’s Pidgin To Da Max book! Wait, actually, we can express it in one word: CHEEEEEHUUUUUU!
Ever since hanabata days, we’ve all learned that book from cover to cover, and like a true dictionary, it kept evolving over time, adding to our complex pidgin lexicon and spanning different generations. It became a staple in all local households, and we’re proud to team up with Bess Press on the release of the FITTED for Pidgin To Da Max New Era 9FIFTY Snapback and Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Box Set.
We also want to send a special MAHALO to the folks at Bess Press for 40 years of independent and locally owned publishing in Hawaiʻi!
Small kine moʻolelo by Ola:
For as long as I can remember it wasn’t uncommon to hear “Brah who when crack one fut” or “What like beef?! Ahhh whatevahs.” Phrases like “You know da kine liʻdat” became as synonymous as the word “awesome!” Verbal sparing sessions to crown the sharpest tongue on the playground was legitimately the quest. But some had a special weapon, that weapon was called Peppoʻs Pidgin To Da Max.
In 1981 it made its debut, a dictionary of pidgin language along with line work illustrations by Douglas Simonson and Ken Sakata that vividly hit a home run. These words and sketches became the host of garage gatherings and conversations that defined local culture in all of its glory.  Peering into the coolest conversation happening in different ethnicity circles here in Hawaiʻi. If Hawaiʻi is a true melting pot, then this slang would be the savory soup binding its parts, and Pidgin To Da Max is the cook book! So get the ingredients prepped cause we get small kine scoobie snacks coming in hot! SHOOTS!!
The FITTED for Pidgin To Da Max snapback features a revamped Brigante logo in the style of the illustrations in Pidgin To Da Max, with “Aloha Served Daily” hit with a pidgin twist, reading “Aloha Served Fo’ Days.” The left side features the number “40” covered with choke lei, with our signature crown right above. It also features a black and white back crest, white eyelets, white New Era logo, white snap enclosure, and light teal sweatband with Pidgin To Da Max branded tag.
The Limited Edition FITTED for Pidgin To Da Max 40th Anniversary Box Set includes the co-branded snapback along with a bunch of goodies: a FITTED for Pidgin To Da Max tee in black, a Peppo’s Pidgin To Da Max book, a set of FITTED for Pidgin To Da Max pogs/Podagee horseshoes, and the box itself turns into a mini Podagee horseshoe box to use with the pogs!