Flying Coffin x Fitted x New Era

Flying Coffin, a brand based out of Seattle, WA but ties to the islands, has merged minds as well as art with Fitted Hawaii. Together they collectively produced these rare Flying Coffin X Fitted Hawaii New Era's. Flying Coffin, is never afraid to break boundaries, whether blasphemous or inconceivable, & despite what the community says, they stick to thier guns & what they believe in. These "fitteds" will be "flying" out of our coffins so call the shop or head down here & invest some chips into one.
They will be released at the shop Monday Morning 11am Honolulu Time. We only have an extremely limited amount available for purchase on that day. Flying Coffin will be releasing more on their website as well as at your favorite independents in the coming weeks! So if you have time and would like to be the first with these hats come through!!!

Mahalo and thanks to Jayson at Flying Coffin for killing this!!!