Releasing tomorrow, Tuesday June 23rd
Half-man, half-amazing. No, we're not talking about Clark Kent or his spandex-wearing ego here. Although many would believe if Hawaii ever had a real life Superman, hands down, that title would have to be given to Kamehameha The Great. Besides the greatness he's done for our islands, he was the only warrior who was able to lift the substantialy heavy naha stone located in Hilo. The prophecy was said that whomever moved the naha stone, a wopping 2 1/2 tons of pure, stubborn rock, would be the one to unify the islands, and we all know how that story ends! Kamehameha moved this stone at the tender age of 14, and literally flipped it over.

With this we present to you the "Half-Man, Half-Amazing" (or simply Half & Half) t-shirt. The other reference to this slogan is off NaS' formative album, Illmatic, which is why you see it run in New York Mets colors. The front features Man / Amazing in orange, printed on a blue tee. Super clean design, but goes hard at the same time.
"NaS is like the Afrocentric Asian, half-man, half-amazin." - NaS (It Ain't Hard To Tell)
[audio:10 It Ain't Hard To Tell.mp3]