The Hana Pa'a snap back is finally here at last. This is our newest original hat and is super RAD! An ode to the awesome decade that was the eighties. This cotton linen snap back is destined to be an instant classic.
"What does Hana Pa'a Mean?"
Well, Hana Pa'a is a Hawaiian word which literally means "to make secure or fasten." However, it is frequently used as slang to mean "hook up" or "fish on". Thus, throughout Hawai'i, whenever a fisherman has a strike, he yells, "HANA PA'A!!!" So now you know...so now, when you and your boys are out on the town trolling for dry land tako and you hook one...yell one "HANA PA'A!!!" and let your boys know you da man!

Searider Productions was founded in 1993 when Candy Suiso, a then a newly minted Spanish Language teacher at Waianae High School, found that her students were more likely to participate in class when they where allowed to use a video camera to complete assignments. This realization was of vital importance to the community of Waianae- which has historically suffered from poor high school graduation rates (among other things!). From this humble beginning, Searider Productions has now grown into the nation's premiere digital media program, retaining and graduation 100's of students, while winning over 800+ national awards. Under the guidance of former Searider Productions grad and current S.P. Lead Video Trainer John Allen III, we present to you what will be a series of collaborations between Fitted Hawai'i and Searider Productions.
***Note- no Seariders where hurt in the making of this video!
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