Releasing tomorrow, Oct. 5th

Aloha kakou!
We've christened tomorrow's release Ho'ohele, whose literal translation is "to cause to move, to set in motion; to start." Basically, the message is movement which ties back to Hawaiian culture. Hawaiians traveled by canoe and navigated by using their extensive knowledge of the stars. Even when on land, our ancestors were constantly moving: working and tending to the land, hunting, gathering, marching to war, etc. etc. The action of moving is always a good thing, whether physical or mental; especially mental. As the old saying goes, "An idle mind is the Devil's playground." There's also a slight nod to one of our favorite groups, New Order; see if you can guess where the inspiration is from.
The tee is all white with black and Tiffany blue, and is releasing alongside with another custom Kamehameha: all black with the same colors that tie back to the shirt.