Releasing this Saturday, May 23rd. This recently developed pack is dubbed Ho'olako, which bluntly means to "supply." As you all know, our nucleus of our operation is to versify history into an academic program, maintaining cultural awareness and traditions while at the same time breathing a more youthful direction to create a marketable mass appeal. We strive to make quality product that is timeless, but at the end of the day, the most important thing to us is that you all learn something from these pieces; whether that's learning through the artwork or detailed write ups. It's akin to a cypher, which really means an encompassing 360 degree circle that comes back full. To break it down metaphorically: we, as a youth, were educated to these ideals when we were just keikis ourselves, by our elders. We then in turn grew up, retained that same knowledge and passed it down to the next generation, and so on and so forth.

The details for this release are as follows: The t-shirt (Ho'olako) is printed on gray with artwork inspired by German born artist Dietrich Varez. Dietrich made Hawai'i his home at the tender age of eight, "growing up local style on O'ahu" and attending UH. While being educated there, he met his wife, also an artist, and together they moved to the Big Island in '68. The amazing part about Dietrich is he had no previous formal art training, just learning independently, which always seems to work out for the better. A majority of his pieces are inspired by the Volcano goddess Pele, Hawaiian folklore and our native culture, as displayed on this t-shirt. Along with this shirt is a new colorway in our Aloha program, this time as a New Era snapback. Covered in black paneling, with Aloha stitched in raised embroidery on the front (green and purple), with a purple underbill and button. Backside sees a green and purple crest.