Releasing tomorrow, Dec. 23rd (online & in-stores)
Hawaiian Sun: Simply put, the name represents par excellence that is tantamount to a pack of Lunchables to a first grader. Hawaiian Sun evokes vivid memories of any local keiki’s childhood, wrapped neatly in tin foil and left to cool in the freezer overnight; all set for the following day’s home lunch or field trip, so when it was time for lunch, the juice would be nice & slushy. The average local family buys at least 3 – 4 cases of the infamous fruit juices and are not only limited to the keiki; every trip to the beach, tailgate party, or lu’au will have Hawaiian Sun on ice, ready to go. Add to the fact that there is not a flavor out of their entire production that is second-rate.
Founded in 1952, this locally and family-owned company got it’s start in the fresh fruit business, selling them in local markets, so naturally, it was a no-brainer to progress into the juice business. Their genuine passion for fruits (no pun intended) and juices is displayed in their product.
We’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with this legendary local company to produce a limited run of a phenomenal custom New Era; all representing the people of Hawai’i. The custom fitted utilize a unique pattern and colors of the three juices used in POG (Pass-O-Guava): passion fruit, orange juice and guava. Subtly laid behind the fruits is a map of the Hawaiian island chains; the woven bill symbolizes the baskets that were used by our ancestors to transport the fresh pickings of fruit. The inside of the cap features a cotton twill lining of our Fitted logos and Hawaiian Sun’s renowned logos. Coinciding with this official collaboration project is an all black tee with It's Hawaiian Sun in the same colors as the cap; similar to our first It's Hawaiian SON t-shirt. For every purchase of this special cap, you will receive a 6-pack of Hawaiian Sun juice and a custom FITTED x Hawaiian Sun plastic cup.