Releasing April 26th

A nod to a favorite drink around the office, Jameson's Irish Whiskey. Straight on the rocks, no chaser. Or straight out of the bottle, usually how it's done around these parts. 80 proof, drink away the pain. Or just cold chillin in the cut with a couple bottles. This brand of whiskey was introduced to the world by a Scottish businessman named John Jameson in 1780 when he purchased the Bow Street Distillery which was already producing 30,000 gallons every year. Interestingly enough, it has a bit of history during the Prohibition Era of the 18th century.
The pack: a white tee featuring a graphic that's a nod to Jameson's Irish Whiskey (Triple Distilled) with a black Kamehameha, gray brim and green Kamehameha logo.