Releasing exclusively in-store and online this Saturday, May 15 at 11am HST. Please abide by the new safety guidelines while shopping in-store. KUEHU LEPO KUEHU LEPO Media: @vforvincent Aloha kākou! We have a special capsule releasing this Saturday, celebrating the rich history of hae (strip of cloth or a flag), as it evolved from kīhae (torn leaves woven, inspired by la’i, a form of Lono) to Red Duster 1 and 2 (British Red Ensign flags created in the early 1700ʻs) to the hae Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian flag) we know today. We call this capsule Kuehu Lepo, which is the name of a wind of Nā-ā-lehu, Kaʻū, and Oʻahu, literally meaning “dust scatterer.” This was also the name given to the British Red Duster flag presented during the time of Kalaniopu’u (pre-Ireland joining the union) and the second Red Duster flag presented to Kamehameha by Captain George Vancouver. This flag was later used by Kamehameha’s cargo ship while trading sandalwood in Canton, China. With this capsule, we also honor the life of high chief Kalanimōkū. Kalanimōkū was born at Ka‘uiki, Hāna, Maui, around 1768, to father Kekuamanohā and mother Kamakahukilani. Through his father, he was a grandson of Kekaulike, the Mo’i or King of Maui. He was also a cousin of Kaʻahumanu, Kamehameha’s wife. Kalanimōkū's nicknames include Billy Pitt and The Iron Cable, due to his natural abilities in both governmental and business affairs. He adopted the name William Pitt, a nod to William Pitt the Younger, the Prime Minister of Great Britain. His duties as it stood was treasurer serving under Kamehameha I. He held lands of Mohukona in Kohala and was also tasked with the duty of dividing the lands to the chiefs and commoners after Kamehamehaʻs conquest of the islands. He was considered the highest official in the kingdom. A position he would hold through Liholiho and Kauikeaoli until his death on February 7, 1827. kihae Kahuna Lapa‘au displaying use of la‘i as ki haehae. [KIHAE] Torn laʻi. Laʻi, Peace, Lono. red duster 1 Painting by Herb Kawainui Kane. [RED DUSTER 1] HMS Resolution was a sloop of the Royal Navy, a converted merchant collier purchased by the Navy and adapted, in which Captain James Cook made his second and third voyages of exploration in the Pacic. She impressed him enough that he called her "the ship of my choice", and "the test for service of any I have seen." red duster 2 Painting by Jacques Arago 1819. [RED DUSTER 2] Illustration of the Baptism of Kalanimōkū, the "Prime Minister of the Sandwich Islands" on August 12, 1819 aboard the French ship L'Uranie which was on a scientific voyage under Louis de Freycinet (1779–1842). Original sketch by Jacques Arago was probably enhanced as an engraving for the book. HAE HAWAII Painting by Unknown Artist (after or around 1819). [HAE HAWAIʻI] The portrait is showing Hae Hawaii the national flag and the royal flag. The royal flag, also called the royal ensign, is a flag that signals the presence of the Hawaiian monarch and in this portrait it signaled the presence of Kamehameha II on board. The royal ensign also flies at the residence of the Hawaiian monarch and wherever the monarch travels. Behind the scenes video about the release. The Kuehu Lepo capsule is centered around a New Era 9FIFTY snapback bearing the same name. Constructed out of a strong, premium polyester, the Kuehu Lepo snapback is presented as a collection of fragments of hae throughout our history, and bound as a pattern, showcasing the details that make hae Hawai’i. Along with the Kuehu Lepo snapback, we are also releasing a new tee design titled Iron Cable, in honor of Kalanimōkū. An old illustration of Kalanimōkū adorns the back of the black and light pink long-sleeve tees and the front of the black short-sleeve tee, with our Chiseled logo resting underneath. The morale logo is printed on the front left chest of the long-sleeve tees, while a tri-colored pattern strip is printed on both sleeves. The same pattern strip is printed on the back of the short-sleeve tee, with a white crown above. Finally, we have a premium Plateau Technical Short releasing in a bone colorway. It features a blend of 98% polyester and 2% spandex, adhering to high craftsmanship standards under our TropTech Division. The front left side features our FITTED logo, and on the opposite side our Morale side seam tag is stitched right below the front right pocket, with a sizing spec label stitched on the inside of the same pocket, along with a TropTech label above the back right pocket. Technical details include a double-stitched elastic waistband, lengthened drawstring with heat-shrunk rubber aglets over knotted ends, custom Trilock drop-crotch gusset, two mesh back pockets sealed by water-resistant reverse invisible zippers, and a keyring loop sewn into the waist on the wearer’s right side seam. Special mahalo to Kumu Kaipoʻi and the Kalanimoku Society for the ike, and Vincent Ricafort for film and editing. FRONT BACK LEFT RIGHT BOTTOM FRONT BACK FRONT BACK FRONT BACK FRONT BACK