Aloha Kakou
Fist City, Hawaii. To the locals, you already know why our city has been christened with such a haughty nickname. To the outsiders, to put it straight forward, Hawaiians get busy. We’re mindful, peaceful people for the most part as long as you don’t come at us with the screwface. In a cultural text, this was (and can still be) referred to as Ku’i A Lua or “The Art Of Lua Fighting.” Lua meaning “a type of hand-to-hand fighting in which the fighters broke bones.” Weapons were scarcely used in this type of warfare, just straight up 1-on-1 scrapping with a more ferocious fringe, although a much more conventional variety of combat. Ku’i A Lua was also the divine deity (God) who versified, educated and trained the select few who practiced this style of fighting; so you see, this ‘gift of jab’ has been passed down by the Gods.

Its absorbed, Knowledge retained and the discipline, for the most part, to execute it when needed.

We foreshadowed the warrior mind set because Hawaii's most acomplished modern day warrior is set to go to battle. BJ Penn will be fighing in the most anticipated UFC card in History! PENN Vs GSP 2. With the islands behind him we here at FITTED is here to say Good luck to you, HAWAII is here to stay! Lets close this month on another HAWAII high note! Which brings us to our next release.

This Saturday is one of those really immensely epic releases that you do not want to pass up or miss out on. We hate to use the term, but quite frankly, this whole pack is “bananas.” Kicking it off is a new kelly green tee dubbed “The Infamous” which features double F’s in an tonal all over print on the front, with the crown hit on the back. Clean & crisp. Next up is a no-nonsense, paper woven Kamehemeha. Yep, the whole hat is fabricated of a straw / paper, similar to the tan version we put out last year featuring black on the upper, a gold Kamehameha, white eyelets, green brim and red underside. A gold satin lining with a collage of Hawaiian weapons rests on the inside. We’ve been trying to think outside of the box with these different types of materials and fabrics, and so far we’ve been pretty pleased with the aftermath. Finally, closing it off is another new hoodie in all black which sees the “Home Grown” print on the back, two front pockets and the crest in white on the front left. Keeping it clean and straightfoward is our motto around these parts. Now how’s that for a stick & move?

Saturday 1/31/2009
11 AM, First Come First Serve.