Releasing tomorrow, Tuesday, December 29th.
We hope everyone had a splendid Christmas, drank lots of Ka Lei eggnog with some MD 20/20 mixed in and got all their presents they've been waiting for. Myself personally, well, I guess Santa is truly feeling the recession along with everyone else, sans the charcoal industry. All I got was a big bag of Kingsford charcoal. Beats receiving just a few lumps like last year. Even though 2010 is literally right around the corner, it doesn't mean we're slowing down at all. No cease-fires, no armistice / peace-treatys signed with time. We still have a couple more releases as we prepare to move into the new year and leave the past at history's doorstep.
Tomorrow's release sees a custom UH New Era: purple on the two front panels, black on the remaining four with a white brim, topped off with a white button. We're predicting that 2010 will see many custom hats sporting a crispy, white brim. The t-shirt sitting parallel to the custom UH is a sea-green shirt we're calling Legacy. The front left chest features a trilock hit (black, purple, white and teal) with a tagline "Out Of Many, We Are One" in white lettering and HAWAII sitting beneath that. The back design features the same tagline with HAWAII in rotating black, purple, white and yellow forming a triangle around a trilock pattern.