Releasing Saturday, November 7th.

Proceeds from this release will be going toward the relief effort in the Philippines.
Mabuhay (pronunciation: mah-BOO-high) is a form of expression comparable to our Aloha and used to convey a simple "Hello" and/or "Goodbye." It embraces the same soul as our Aloha spirit, and it's heard pretty much everywhere you travel around the Philippines; from the first steps off the airplane to the entrance in your hotel room. Being that Hawaii's population is comprised of nearly 55% of Asians (according to a 2009 census), and out of that 55%, nearly 23% are made up of Filipinos; almost half of the Asian population are Filipino. We wanted to pay respects to the Filipinos who have helped influence our local foods, culture, languages (pidgin) and the amazing work ethics of this proud people.

We've put together a "Mabuhay" pack featuring a tee and 2 custom MLBs. The shirt: blue tee with the Aloha Served Daily graphic, but flipped to say "Mabuhay Served Daily." The left sleeve features three of the five pointed stars and the golden sun (with eight pointed rays) which make up the Filipino flag. The two custom MLB hats are a red Phillies with a white "P" and blue brim and a New York Yankees in all Navy blue with black piping.