Releasing Saturday, Oct. 15th

Aloha kakou!
New, dope release for this Saturday. This time we've pulled inspiration from the Israeli Defense Forces; from their legendary Merkava IV tank to be exact. Introduced in 1982 during the Lebanon conflict, it is armed with a "IMI 120 mm smoothbore gun and two 7.62 machine guns for anti-infantry defense." If you follow military history and technology closely, you know that the Israelis have some of the most forward-thinking, sophisticated weaponry and technology (next to the US, of course). The colors are the main inspiration, a dark olive-green shade. For our logo tee, we took these rugged colors and used Birds of Paradise in the logo's design. For our Mua, we used a rip-stop nylon in the same pantone with different shades of browns, blacks and greens. Super hard and super illy!