Releasing Saturday Oct. 3rd.
No, this is not an ode to the 90's new jack swing R&B group. Mint condition is a metaphor we're using to describe how unspoiled our surroundings are. Well, for the most part, it is. Besides the need to clean up our beaches, streets, landfills, etc. We have to take a few steps back, reevaluate our actions and not take our 'aina for granted. We regret having to harp on the same subject, but our island is truly of principle value - and we need to pay heed to these values as well as take action.

This pack features a black tee with a graphic of a 'coin of the Hawaiian dollar' that were used back in the mid 1800s. A little interesting tidbit on these old coins, not more than 250,000 of these were minted during the period these were used. The front features the face of the coin on the left chest. The back features the back of the coin (Hawaii state seal) with the trilocks in clear-gel (you can distinctly make it out in the close-up shot). Along with this t-shirt are two custom MLBs: Boston Red Sox (gray cap with green logo) and black brim. Last is a NY Mets (gray upper) with a dark maroon Mets logo and green / gold stroke; black brim and white eyelets.