Releasing Saturday, February 6th.
We'd like to send a big shout out and congratulations to Ryan Grice-Mullen (pictured in this photo shoot). We wish you nothing but the best of luck and are confident you will triumph with the Miami Dolphins!
Aloha kakou.
We know that many of you have been wondering when we'd be unveiling our next Mua New Era, our newest heavy-hitting cap. This Saturday, we're doing just that. Hopefully you've been noticing that we're trying to reach beyond the normal threshold when it comes to choosing diverse fabrics for our New Era hat program, and we feel pretty confident that we're continuing to reset the bar, in that regard. For this newest Mua we've chosen a heather grey melton wool for all six panels, with an royal blue brim and a khaki-colored, velvety suede underbill to contrast the grays and blues. The Mua logo features metallic blue, white, orange and black stitching, topped off with an orange button.
The t-shirt in this pack is partially inspired by Nike ACG boots, but with colors that tie back to the Mua cap. The background features the speck patterns found on the shoe that's been re-popularized by the Wale song, "Nike Boots." Our motto, "Aloha Served Daily" sits inside with orange, blue, gray and whites; all match with the colors found in the cap above. As with 90% of our releases, the backside of the tee features our crown with the same speck pattern on the front planted inside the crown.