Its finally Here. On Friday Nov, 24th We will be releasing our Holiday Line. We will kick off the Season with our Long awaited Hawaii Hats. We will also Have T-shirts to tie back in with the hats. We are very proud of our Holiday offering for a number of reasons. first being that these products represent Hawaii, we grew up wearing New Era's. New York, Atlanta, LA, Which ever hats that we could get our hands on. We didn't have a lot of resources to get them. So being that Hawaii has no professional team, we felt that we needed something to rally around. Something for us to embrace as our own. Kicks/Hi had the opportunity to put Hawaii on the map with the first Hawaii Themed Product when they dropped the Hawaii Dunk. How proud we were of that moment. So what Nike is to Shoes, New era is to Hats. This is our Medium, If you live in the Islands or are now across the world, This is for you!!!
Pride: The letter H stands for Hawaii. It comes in 2 colors, Black on Black (the most Limited out of the Pack) and Orange on Green with a White Stroke.
Warrior: Kamehameha the great. The Man who brought all the Islands together under one Monarch. Hawaiians are hands on People, everything used by Hawaiians came by way of their hands. Intricate weapons hand carved and laced with Sharks Teeth, Bludgeoning weapons, Tripping Weapons and puncturing tools. These represent the life cycle. The fight to Survive!!! All hats have a Satin Lining with these weapons printed in Metallic gold..
We hope that you all enjoy this release, after all its for you. The store opens at 11am on Friday and its a first come first serve deal. We have 72 pieces in all 4 styles So please come down Early to get yours. We will be taking Phone orders after 2pm Hawaii time.

Mahalo for everyone's Patience on these, We hope to see you all On Friday..