Releasing tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 13th.
"players only love you when they're playing..."
You can karaoke along with the song using the lyrics right here.
It's that time again. Sunday is that annual day of deep affection and intimacy. If you're crushing hard on someone, it's about time to reveal those spongy feelings, don't you think? Then get to writing your soggy love letters, splash some pheromones on your neck and hope that that contract you signed with Cupid is carried out. If worst comes to worst, suggest a little love potion #9 on the tip of Cupid's arrow, and aim for the heart.
For our Valentine's Day pack this year, we've cooked up a satisfying collection, which we're calling the Pa'a Lima pack (meaning 'to hold in hand') including a red pull-over hoody, a satin-straw Aloha snapback (we'll get to that in a minute!) and a t-shirt representative of Hawai'i, love and music. Focusing on the hoody: an all red pull-over with FITTED in tonal on both sleeves, tonal trilocks triangle on the left chest area and tonal crown printed on the backside. Shifting gears, we have our t-shirt (Dreams) featuring a photograph of world-renowned and critically-acclaimed American-British rock band Fleetwood Mac, whose discography contains a combination of six platinum albums (one going 19x platinum!) as well as four gold albums. Fleetwood Mac is an incredible band, and you know we'd never steer you in the wrong direction.
Last up is our 'Ula 'Ula (which means 'red') Aloha snapback. Like we always do, we flipped a new technique, combining woven straw with satin (usually found on the inside of our caps). The outside, like we mentioned earlier, is a combination of straw and satin, making for something truly unique. The Aloha on the front is stitched in tonal, with red eyelets and tonal crest and crown. Stop by tomorrow and pick one up for yourself, and, it wouldn't hurt to grab one for your significant other either. These will make perfect V-Day gifts!