Releasing Saturday, Dec. 3rd

Aloha kakou!
Details for this Saturday's release: We have a brand new hat we're introducing to the world called Pohaku which features the letter 'H' (for Hawaiʻi, obviously) stitched in woven-like gray, white and black threading. Pohaku literally translates to rock, stone or mineral. Two ways of looking at it: one, being that Hawaiʻi sits a top the Pacific Ocean made out of lava rock, and the islands having the nickname, "The Rock" (sure you've heard the term, "I need a short vacation off this rock". Two, a cornerstone of what we strive to achieve is education, which is an arduous and difficult balancing act at times, being that we sometimes have conflicting personal issues on certain subjects. This new snapback also features a new embroidery technique we're experiencing with; you could almost call it 3D embroidering. Something new and innovative we wanted to try out. Along with our Pohaku snapback is an all black long sleeve tee that reads Hana Hou in white script and a new tee dubbed Ramble On which pays respect to legendary rock band Led Zepplin.