Releasing Saturday, June 12th.

A Fictitious Vignette
It's 11:59 PM at an undisclosed location somewhere in Chinatown. The B-Squad is ready to run the town tonight, after a long day's work. The plan of attack for the night's debauchery includes hitting a few dive bars downtown, a few strip clubs and end it off with some luxurious self-indulgence at the Shady Palms Motel. However, as with most Friday nights, the squad are dilatory in making a decision where to head to first, so the group splits. One half of the crew ends up at Cuzzo's, a hole-in-the-wall pub where moral principles are left at the door, for the most part. The other half heads to a hostess bar, but upon entrance, learns that there are bunch of lames. Feeding off the negative energy permeating inside, they decide to leave and end up at Hula Hands, a massage paradise, equipped with refurbished hot tubs and the whole nine. Perfect. At 3 AM, the night slowly comes to a close. The group that ended up at Hula Hands walk out the door, hop in a cab, and head to the Shady Palms Motel. The other half stumble out of Cuzzo's, a few fly birds in tow, and meet the rest of the squad at the Motel, where they continue the late-night morning festivities until dawn.

The release: 3 different colored Pride New Eras: an all teal with a tonal 'H', a black and white version (black brim and white upper) and a black and gray joint with a gray cotton brim, white 'H', black upper and topped off with a red button. All Pride caps are limited to 30 pieces each. The three t-shirts pay tribute to the red lights that are revealed when the Sun goes down: from dive bars in downtown, pool halls, strip bars and massage parlors where one ends up walking out with a double smile, if you catch our drift. The first is an all white tee dubbed Hula Hands which feature old school-style pub marquee signs, including multi-colored light bulbs; backside is our crown. Next up is our Cuzzo's tee, an ode to nostalgic spots like Hawaiian Brians, and last is our Shady Palms Motel tee, the seediest of places in rural and urban areas.