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Aloha kākou!

Kalai, it has many layers of meaning: to carve, cut, hew, or divide as in land, and also to pare and carve out, like a canoe. This word took us on a journey of reverence, honor, and respect. From the ancient art of tool-making, which propelled our ancestors towards new land, to the present-day pursuit of rekindling the true spirit of collegiate athletics, our journey bridges the profound ingenuity of our past with the visionary aspirations of our future.

The site in which the University of Hawaii sports facilities complex and parking lot is located once stood a mighty and productive quarry. A tool-making resource in the past, it also served as a primary source of material while the H-1 freeway shaped and connected modern Honolulu to greater O‘ahu. Wahine and Kāne mainly dominated sports in Manoa as people flocked to the San Sheriff to witness countless basketball and Volleyball triumphs. We would be amiss not to mention the man Les Murakami, who arguably single-handedly, by chance, made Kelly Green and Sherbert Orange the cult classic it is! As we kick off season two of the Timmy Chang era, we are full of vigor at the feeling of fall games under the Manoa lights!!  

To kick off the home season we decided to introduce the first Provision© engineered F-1 snap back as a limited release and the new Pae ‘Āina graphic tee in ( white ). Representing our undying love for these islands - ALOHA SERVED DAILY • FITTED • KO HAWAI'I PAE ‘AINA • KULAIWI 

Provision© embodies the indomitable underdog spirit, shaped by mountains of the highest class, lands of robust resources, and people cut from the highest quality of cloth.  We stand firm with a chip on our shoulder, fueling our laser-focused passion for competition.  Even the smallest rock on earth can produce the most remarkable talent, but it takes a pro's vision and a warrior's heart to achieve excellence.  Our journey is the pursuit of greatness, empowering you to own and execute your image precisely.  Provision© embodies resilience and relentless determination and strives to leave lasting impressions because greatness is not just a destination but a way of life.

Only available in limited quantities tomorrow until 5pm!