It's been a small minute since we hit y'all with a dope hat release, but
just this morning we received a shipment of some Upper Playground New
Era's. 3 different styles, the first is a white/white classic Upper
Playground piece, with their signature walrus logo on the front. This is
a really clean hat, and great for the summer - just make sure to keep it
crisp and clean.

The second one is a special collab between two of Upper Playground's
most infamous contributing artists...Jeremy Fish and Sam Flores. This
one is in a dark money green colorway, with the classic Hawaiian
'shaka', and they also incorporated a vulture's head on the 'shaka's'
thumb. Lots of great artistic detailing.

Last one is a Sam Flores piece, with his staple character & clouds
scattered across the hat. Simple, subtle and not too over-bearing.

Phone orders are always welcome, call the shop 808.942.3100 or
stop through. Be on the lookout for more hot ish in the coming weeks,
it's all gravy baby!!