Releasing this Friday, January 28th. T-Shirts will be available in-stores and online at FITTED and at Eighty Four's Pearlridge location. The wheels will be available exclusively at Eighty Four Skate (Pearlridge, Kalihi & Ala Moana)

You may have witnessed a specific triangle trilock pattern in many of our designs and wondered what it represents. It's history runs deep in Polynesian culture. The actual trlock pattern symbolized shark's teeth as many Hawaiians revered sharks as their 'aumakua, or family deities, whom assume the shape of a shark. In a more modern twist, we use the symbol as unity and strength. We've teamed up with 84 Skate to create a graphic t-shirt and custom Spitfire wheel that utilizes this iconic logo in support of local skateboarding. We've flipped this into a circular tribal pattern which can be seen in both the Spitfire wheel and t-shirt.