Releasing exclusively in-store and online this Saturday, March 26th at 11am HST.
Model: @blakone (JC’s Dad)
Aloha kākou!
For our Spring 2016 collection, rather than look elsewhere for inspiration, we chose to turn our attention to those closest to us—our FITTED ‘ohana. This season, we’re getting up close and personal with our “hui” (Hawaiian for club or company), as we allowed each of our team members to dream up two hats, each utilizing their choice of silhouette (59FIFTY fitted or 9FIFTY snapback), front logo, color-blocking, and materials—resulting in unique pieces that hold special value to the team members that created them. A few of our stockists on the Mainland will release their own store exclusives in the near future as well. Please note that all hats in this collection were produced in limited quantities.
Each piece has a special story behind it, and what better way to hear those stories than from the creators themselves? Every release will be authored by the team member responsible for that design, for an even more personal touch. This Spring season, we hope to share a little more about our hui with you.
Name: Jose Caban III
Title/Position: Wholesale/Warehouse Assistant
Favorite place in Hawaii? Ewa Beach
One thing you can't live without? Skateboard/Family
What are you doing when you aren't working? Skating or spending time with family/friends
Favorite FITTED hat? Hoʻomālama Mua
What inspires you? Everyone and everything
By Jose Caban III

For my first hat, I have created a Mua snapback based on a colorway inspired by my family members and the passion that they share in hunting, paddling, and fishing.
Within my family I have two uncles, Ala and Mana, who live on the West Side of Oʻahu and share a passion for hunting. It’s a good way for them to bond and spend some quality time together. They have been hunting wild boars for quite some years now and have inspired me to create a hat for them when they are out on their journey hunting in the valley. I used woodland camouflage on the entire crown and visor to cloak them within the forest, while the black undervisor helps eliminate distracting colors near their eyes when worn forward.
And as much as it is built for hunters on the land, I also created this hat for those who have a deep love for the ocean. My ʻohana has been paddling for many years, not only as a recreational activity but even as a competitive sport all around the globe—like the Molokaʻi Channel Race from Molokaʻi to Oʻahu, which my father Jose has completed seven times and crossed five times. The hi-vis yellow stitching on the Mua logo and the back crest was strategically chosen for those in my ʻohana who paddle canoes and fish on their kayaks, because when they are out on the open water, they’ll be highly visible to anyone near and far. This provides a sense of security, knowing people are aware of their presence and can spot them in a time of need. The white eyelets, New Era logo, and back snap enclosure are inspired by the clouds above both land and sea, watching over everything below.
This hat was made with its specific print and colorway as an item that can help to ensure my ʻohana’s safety and safe return whether they are out hunting on land or paddling out in the ocean, which is why I gave this Mua the name “Hoʻomālama,” defined as the action of caring for, attending to, protecting, or being loyal to someone or something.
We’ll also be releasing a matching Who The Crown Fits 2 tee on the same day, featuring hi-vis yellow front and back designs printed on a black tee.