Releasing in-store, online, and at select stockists this Saturday, August 6 at 11am HST.

Video: @kashakamu
Model: @verifiedtayali

Aloha kākou!
With the kau wela (summer) season in full swing, we are proud to present the next release from our Summer 2016 Aholoa Collection, dropping this Saturday.
Aholoa translates to “long breath” in Hawaiian, and to us, we think about the summer sun and our hopes that the sun holds its breath so that we can keep enjoying its ever-giving life before having to sink into the ocean. The Aholoa collection is a tribute to the summer sun and the memories made during this beautiful season, through the use of new stories, designs, and materials. A running theme this season is celebrating the old school street car culture we witnessed as keiki during the summers. Old school Datsuns, VWs, and lifted Toyotas, cruising all around the island or just cruising in a secret random parking lot, creating a party every time.
We’ve introduced two new patterns specifically for the Aholoa collection as well. Finish Line is a car-inspired pattern that resembles a checkered flag, but with niuhi tri-lock shapes making up the black squares. DPICT (Disruptive Pattern Island Camouflage Triangle) Camo combines our two proprietary camouflage patterns—Island Camo and Tri-Camo—into a seamless woodland-inspired camouflage, with highly stylized island shapes in the foreground and subtle Tri-Camo in the background.
This season, we’re also showcasing our first full collection of cut and sew silhouettes, built to live as timeless sportswear pieces, using high-quality material selections with intricate subtle details and constructed to the highest standards. These silhouettes will form the foundation of our entire cut and sew program, ushering in a new level of design technique as we continue to strive for the best quality product for our customers.
Catch Dust Snapback
A new design for this season, featuring a FITTED Racing patch on the front, inspired by team sponsor patches on racing uniforms. The all black snapback also features blue side logos and a red/white back crest, along with a white snap enclosure and ASD Flag tag. Our new Finish Line pattern lines the inside along with a blue sweatband.
Basin Premium Tee – Heather Grey
The Basin tee represents our staple premium tee, built with superior sweat-absorbent, quick-drying material that’s soft to the touch. The most unique detail of this tee is the large triangle gusset on the back. A triangular morale label is sewn into the yoke to the left of the gusset top point, and it includes a yellow all-purpose detachable toggle cord. A small FITTED logo printed in the center. Small red triangle gussets are sewn into the bottom side seam, creating a unique signature look. Another triangular piece of red fabric is sewn into the inner back collar, with a branded spec label seamlessly molded into it. A sizing/care label is sewn on the inside, near the wearer’s lower side. The Basin tee also features a straight front hem with a slightly scooped back hem.
Good Night Long-Sleeve Tee – Black or Heather Grey
This long-sleeve tee features our brand name on the front and back in a retro racing style reminiscent of the old Hawaiian Punch race team. A patterned floral bar is printed across the bottom with the same retro feel, along with our ASD motto running down both sleeves in script. This design is called Good Night due to the cooler tones in the print, which contrasts the warm tones in the Good Morning design from earlier this season.