Releasing tomorrow, July 6th

Aloha kakou!
Many of you may have heard the term tantaran before, although it's rarely used these days. Pidgin at it's finest. Those in which this word does not strike any memory, ask your parent's about it, and how they may have used it "back in da days." Normally attributed to any character who "puffs out their chest" or is overly boastful and arrogant; near vainglorious status. We've all exhibited our tantaran alter-ego before, maybe we just never acknowledged it.
This blue t-shirt features the pidgin term tantaran printed on the front resembling Superman's logo (get it?) in red and yellow lettering with a yellow crest (red stroke) on the backside. The Kamehameha is your tantaran kryptonite that will top off your kit: red upper with a white Kamehameha logo; blue brim and blue button up top.