Releasing tomorrow, Saturday July 11th
We're not sure if any of you have been noticing lately, but the price of almost everything that we need in order to sustain life has skyrocketed, and to be quite frank, it's ridiculous! From raises on Fasi-limo (The Bus) passes, cigarettes, gas, rent, vehicle taxes, it's certainly taking a toll on all of us. Obviously it's an element that comes with the territory, and although it's completely depressing in certain aspects, we all have to think positive! It may be hard to forget how malnourished your pockets / wallets may be, but we shall overcome - and once the economy is back on it's feet we can all say we lived through this economic slump we will have had stood the test of time.

We share this same sentiment on our next release which is printed on all black and features artwork that states "When All Else Fails, Stand The Test Of Time" printed in white, with 1438 on the right and 1110 on the left. The left sleeve also features a kahili in white.