Releasing Saturday, August 6th.
Words: Race

We linked up with our brother Race from Olde Ivory on this Mynas shirt + hat combo project. Read his write up below:
The Myna Threat Design was conceived out of the core attributes which make up Olde Ivory: baseball, punk rock, tongue-in-cheek humor and Hawai'i. For those of us who have had the good fortune of being raised in Hawai'i, the common Myna has held a special place in each and every one of our hearts. Growing up, going on field trips to Kapiolani Park, throwing your scraps to the flocks of Myna who frequent the Banyan trees in the area, listening to their chatter, wondering what they could possibly be saying to each other. The Myna, a member of the starling family, made its way to the Hawaiian Islands in the 1800s. Though the Myna is a pint-sized woodland omnivore, it is known for its aggression and territorial behavior. We proudly present our humble tribute to the Myna bird.