Releasing Tuesday, August 11th.
Crabs in a bucket. It's a commonly heard idiom, and in Hawaii it has a deeper correlation with us. There's a Hawaiian myth about the alamihi (black) crab syndrome. An article written by Kekailoa Perry who is a student of Hawaiian history describes how the "alamihi crab syndrome" parallels life and politics in Hawaii, including subdued attacks on our identity and stereotyping which in turn sort of tarnishes the Aloha soul. To put it bluntly, no one should be living in any form of bucket in the first place. Everyone should carve their own lane for themselves and never let someone else dictate your life, or the decisions you choose to make. Simple and plain: Do you! Be independent, explore things for a change, brush up on your knowledge and apply it to your life. If you do find yourself at the bottom of the bucket, do like Bob Marley and hammer yourself out of it.

The release: White tee featuring a 3-D-esque graphic, newspaper style with the headlines "Crab Monsters." Alongside is a custom Phillies hat with a black upper, teal brim and red Phillies logo. Phone orders welcome (808) 942-3100.