Releasing Saturday, May 7th

"Ua ka ua, ola ka nohona o ka 'aina kula"
Translation: "The rain pours, life comes to the plains."
Ua (rain) brings fresh water which in turn brings us nutrients which is needed to sustain life. This same rain yields water which provides a steady flow of wai (fresh water) into our wailele (waterfalls) and loko wai (fresh water lakes) and luawai (fresh water reservoirs). As you know, during the days when our ancestors were not being disturbed by outsiders, the land was divided into boundaries (known as ahupua'a) which extended from the uplands (mountains) to the sea. The ua provided water that flowed from top to bottom and helped to sustain mea kanu (crops) and holoholona (animals) - and this cycle in turn sustained life for our ancestors. In other places around the World, water is used to provide energy, ie. hydroelectricpower. Unfortunately, it also plays heavy in socio-econimc development which can be seen in third world, poverty-stricken countries. According to certain reports, there are nearly "120 million people around the world who unfortunately lack access to clean drinking water, and nearly 300 million people do not have adequate [water] sanitation." These money-hungry, poverty-mongers have a lot to do with the global management of water which is actually the cause of the so-called water crisis.
This pack features a snapback with a pattern of bright floral patterns covering the entire hat which represents the life provided by Ua. The snap is red and the inside sweatband reads Joy, Life, Growth, Greenery, Good, Fortune in purple. The crown, crest and New Era logos are stitched in white. This snapback is constructed of nylon ripstop and is actually waterproof. The t-shirt is all purple and features the Hawaiian word Ua. The inside of the letters U and A are patterns of rain drops printed in white and neon green (all colors tie back to each other) and one single rain drop between the U and A. The bottom of the left sleeve reads Joy, Life, Growth while the bottom right sleeve reads Greenery, Good, Fortune.