Blast Master KRS-One said it..."The P Is Still Free." For those unbeknownst
to the meaning, get on the internet & do some research, haha. Acapulco Gold,
out of New York City just shipped us their new season's New Era's. The first
comes in three different colorways with "P Is Still Free" embroidered on the
front. The colors for these are all navy blue with a red underbill, all red
with a navy blue underbill and all brown with a teal underbill. Next up is
their "Beantown" New Era, where they flipped the Boston Red Sox logo (the
top of the "B" is a lowercase "a" & the bottom of the "B" is a lower case
"g"..."A.G."). This hat only came in one colorway, navy blue with an azure
blueish underbill and logo. Finally is their "Crown" New Era which has been
circulating the internet and features some really intricate stitching. Gold
trimming around that goes around the whole hat, buttons that pull
inspiration from jewels on a real crown, gold trimming across the top of the
hat & satin lining. The colorways for these are all navy blue and black. All
hats are EXTREMELY limited in size runs, so if you see anything you like,
stop through the shop or give us a call @ 808.942.3100.

Aloha & Mahalo